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    ImageTools 3.5

    UPDATED ON:  January 26, 2013

    CATEGORY: Image / Photo


    ImageTools is a free and powerfull screen sharing tool with build in batch image resizer, converter, cropper, flipper/rotater, optimizer and watermarker.

    ImageTools also allow to adjust contrast, gamma and brightness of images..

    Main features:
    • Windows Vista/7 full compatibility
    • .NET/MONO (Linux/OS X) support
    • Good memory managment for processing big amount of big images
    • BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and PNG image formats support for resizing, converting, cropping, flipping, rotating, watermarking, optimizing
    • Brightness, Contrast, Gamma adjustments
    • Multicore processing support - extreme perfomance
    • Variable quality for output (optimizing)
    • Color channels filtering
    • Internal benchmarking tool
    • Able to process indexed pixel format images

    Image Tools programm also can calculate image color histogramm, which can be used (later) for checking images for uniqueness.

    Program is absolutely free for use and can be redistributed.

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    Freeware Information
    AuthorUnion D
    Supported OSWindows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Requirements.Net Framework 3.5
    Download Size558.50 KB




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