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    HelpNDoc 7.8.0

    UPDATED ON:   December 14, 2021

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Office / Productivity


    HelpNDoc is an easy to use yet powerful and intuitive help authoring tool.

    HelpNDoc provides a clear and efficient interface to build the most amazing CHM help files, WEB based documentation, PDF and Word documents from a single source without worrying about the inner working of help file generation. You just have to enter or import your documentation in the built-in word processor and hit the "Compile" button to obtain a fully functional help file which looks exactly as you designed it. Forget about bloated user interfaces and incomprehensible tools. HelpNDoc has been engineered to provide the most advanced functionalities in their simplest form: creating and maintaing html help files, Word and PDF documentation is usually a painful process but thanks to HelpNDoc you may surprise yourself enjoying it! You know how to use your favourite word processor? Then you already know how to use HelpNDoc: it' s that easy. Add to that many powerful features such as live spell checking in a fully WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment and you' ll begin to imagine how fast and easy it will be for you to create your next help file and how professional it will look like. It' s time to stop paying for overpriced and useless tools.


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    Size: 33.16 MB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:December 14, 2021





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