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    Goona Browser

    UPDATED ON:   May 22, 2010

    CATEGORY: Browsers

    Goona Browser is a free, open source and fully standards-compliant web browser for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7. Released for free under the GNU General Public License 3, this web browser has a attractive user interface, many features and some new ideas to make browsing a easy and practical task.


    • Dual-engine: allows you two choose which rendering engine you want to use: Gecko (which powers Firefox) or Web-kit (which powers Google Chrome and Apple Safari). This is one of the reasons why Goona Browser' s setup is a bit larger)
    • Powerful download manager: not a simple download manager as we find on many browsers. With this download manager, you can download files, videos and entire websites. Provides support for download pausing and multi-threading (various segments). And lot' s more. (the download manager also contributes with some KB to the setup file size)
    • Favorites and history: Goona Browser let' s you mark your favorite pages, and also saves a detailed history of your browsing. The history is so detailed that you can even see thumbnails of the pages you visited, as they were when you visited them. And don' t think of a so smaller thumbnail that no one can see what's there! The thumbnails are about 200x150 pixels large, and are encoded in JPEG format so they don' t took much space on your hard-drive. Also, the thumbnails are saved in an only file - along with all the history entries - to provide a faster access to them.
    • Tabbed web browsing: almost any modern browser has this, but Goona Browser has a difference - when you hover the mouse on the tabs, a thumbnail of the tab appears below it, just like in Windows Aero taskbar! The thumbnail is bigger enough to let you recognize a page.
    • EDIT (2010/02/27): " Opera" browser also includes this function. Although, Opera and Goona Browser are the only known browsers that include this functionality.
    • List of the open tabs: it allows you to see a list of the open tabs when you press the hotkey ALT+Z. To select a tab from the list, click an item.
    • Much space to view the websites: Goona Browser let' s you see much space of a page without scrolling, even in smaller resolutions!
    • Basic twitter integration: Goona Browser let' s you post tweets and sharing the currently visiting web page without opening, but nothing more. Since the version, Goona Browser includes a twitter dashboard, but it is still in BETA stage and doesn't provide much functionality. In the future it will be facebook integration.
    • Multiple homepage support: Goona Browser allows you to set one or more homepages that will open in different tabs, at startup.
    • Internal homepage: Lets you do a search or navigate to a website right after you open Goona Browser, and also allows you to navigate to the last six pages you visited.
    • Windows Aero (R) user interface: If you' re using Windows Vista or Windows 7 with the theme Windows Aero applied, there will be Aero transparency zones on the user interface. This can be disabled for a better performance, specially on old computers.
    • File browser: A built-in function lets you browse, in a tab, your computer storage, but this feature is still in early beta stage and doesn't provide much functionality.


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    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista
    Last updated:May 22, 2010





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