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    Fun3D 1.0.409

    UPDATED ON:  September 25, 2009

    CATEGORY: Home / Education, Utilities

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    Size: 2.75 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:September 25, 2009
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    Fun3D is Windows XP and Vista based software created in Visual Basic (Visual Studio 2005) for inspecting 3d functions, parametric surfaces, 3d curves, cellular automata and L-Systems. Fun3D is advanced standalone 3D presentation tool.Features:
    • 2D Export (JPG, PNG)
    • 3D Export (JavaView - jvx, DXF)
    • Video Export (AVI)
    • Animation
    • 3D Surfaces
    • 3D Curves
    • 3D Cellular Automata (based on Conaway Game of Life)
    • L-Systems (also used for IFS)
    • ISO Surfaces
    • Affine transformation
    • Lights & Shadows
    • Hardware accelerated
    • Open source
    • FREE
    • and even more...





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