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    FolderMove 2.0

    UPDATED ON:   April 17, 2020

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Utilities


    FolderMove is an application folder mover that lets you move the installation folder of a Program or Game to other drive or location.

    Move the installation folder of a Program or Game to other drive, without breaking it or reinstalling. A symbolic link will be created from the old directory to the new one. Easy as one-two-three...

    • Just Select the Installation Folder
    • Select New Destination Drive
    • Start Moving, that' s all

    Do you have a SSD drive that is too small to hold all your Games or Software?

    Move programs from one path to a different path on the same hard disk or to another hard disk on that same computer

    Completely Free
    It' s a 100% free software for private, non-commercial use.
    Your fantastic Alt Tag

    Nothing to install
    A small executable file "500KB" to take with you anywhere.
    Your fantastic Alt Tag

    Secure Transfer
    Must be run ' As Administrator' no permission to guest Account.


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    Size: 265.00 KB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Requirements:.Net Framework 4.5 or higher
    Last updated:April 17, 2020





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