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    Flexible Renamer 8.4

    UPDATED ON:   March 12, 2011

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Utilities

    UNICODE file/folder renaming utility, which can use Wildcard or Regular-Expression, Tag-information (MP3, EXIF) and script (vbs/js).

    • Explorer-like user interface.
    • UNICODE strings (Japanese/Chinese/Korean/German/French, etc.) supported (New!!)
    • Wildcard or Regular-Expression (Perl Compatible) for substitution of file name.
    • Multiple file-filter, Real-time preview, Undo.
    • Sub-directories process-able recursively.
    • Designed for processing a large quantity of files.
    • Copy (Move) & Rename to another folder.
    • Distribute into the folder by using relative path.
    • Consecutive numbers to every classified group (folder, date, tag).
    • Saving search/replace settings by Preset function.

    • Rename (Copy/Move/Create shortcut/Create hardlink) object (file/folder).
    • Insert a Number or a String(the file' s Timestamp/Folder name)
    • Remove a Number or a String(Shortcut to, Copy (n) of, [n], (n)), Supported 8.3 Format
    • Translate Letters (upper/lower-case, capitalize)
    • Replace String
    • Other flexible rename using pattern matching.
    • Direct-editing of target name.
    • Extending function by script (New!!)
    • lRename (Copy/Move) using tag information.
    • ID3(MP3/WMA/APE/MPC/OGG), EXIF, IPTC, Document(MS-Office(also 2007)/PDF), HTML
    • File-property information (Added tags by Shell Extensions are also available) (New!!)
    • Extending function by script (New!!)
    • Modify object (file/folder) attributes and time-stamps.
    • Specify date/time, Shift, Random generate, Make the Same.
    • Create numbered object(sized file/folder)


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    Size: 1.79 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:March 12, 2011






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