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    Flash Builder 1.33

    UPDATED ON:   November 26, 2018

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Utilities


    Convert any SWF flash movie file into an executable Windows exe file.

    The executable has no standard windows border and supports translucency.
    The window can have any shape. Even animated shapes are supported. You can also add a shadow.
    Create automatically autorun.inf for CD-ROM autostart function.
    Set your own application icon for a distinct look.
    A JPG file as splash screen can be shown.

    Supports several advanced FSCommand functions:
    • fscommand("exec","app.exe"); - executes a file which is located in the fscommand subdirectory
    • fscommand("real_exec","app.exe"); - executes a file which is in the same directory as the executable
    • fscommand("set_title","Window Title"); - sets the window title
    • fscommand("quit",""); - exit the flash


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    Size: 783.09 KB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:November 26, 2018





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