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    FairElm Sudoku 2.2

    UPDATED ON:   March 19, 2010

    CATEGORY: Games, Home / Education

    FairElm Sudoku is a software program for learning Sudoku and generating Sudoku Puzzles.

    Sudoku Free is the completely free Sudoku training program. With this program, you can:
    • Play puzzles at any difficulty - from Counting to Coloring
    • Get hints and detailed help at any step in the puzzle

    • 1. Automatic puzzle generation at any desired difficulty
    • 2. Puzzle printing for any difficulty level
    • 3. Guided trainer mode for learning new techniques
    • 4. Hints or full explanations for each step
    • 5. Edit mode for typing in Puzzles from Newspapers
    • 6. Automatic puzzle solving using Single Step or Solve All modes
    • 7. Difficulty levels based on solution technique
    • 8. Multi-select cells and pencil marks for easy editing
    • 9. Undo i.e. roll back and roll forward
    • 10. Cell annotation using pencil marks or colours
    • 11. Booklet Printing - requires the Professional Version


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    Size: 470 KB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:March 19, 2010





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