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    Enpass 6.7.0

    UPDATED ON:   August 31, 2021

    CATEGORY: Security / Privacy


    Enpass takes care of all your life important credentials & online accounts in safe and best way.

    All your data is secured offline on your device. Enpass does not store any of your data on our server. Enpass encrypts your data by AES 256 bit Encryption using open-source encryption engine SQLCipher to ensure maximum security with trust.

    No need to copy-paste the long and tedious information anymore. Enpass does it with just a single click for you.

    Enpass Browser Extension
    Enpass Browser Extension lets you Auto-fill login forms, save credentials, generate strong passwords and much more! All this with a single click from your browser using Enpass Extension. Save any new logins, search for saved items or update existing logins on-the-fly now.

    Stores Everything
    From credit cards to licenses, secure notes to stock market & logins to bank accounts; Enpass gives you Freedom to store everything.
    Wide range of categories and customizable templates make your data entry easier, fast & organized.

    Strong Password Generator
    Create extremely strong, unique and unguessable passwords for your life important credentials using Enpass password generator.
    Don' t compromise with your data safety by using same or weak passwords again and again. Use password recipes to generate pronounceable passwords according to your preference.

    Enpass gives you the liberty to sync your data with these supported clouds. So if you are using Enpass on multiple platforms, you can sync your data across them with any cloud of your choice.
    Enabling sync with cloud adds safety to your data in case of loss or theft of your device; as it automatically sync the changes with your own account.

    Password Audit
    Password audit conveniently displays any weak, duplicate or old password so that you can change them anytime. It also lets you check the strength of each login-password so that you can modify them as you see fit.



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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:August 31, 2021





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