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    Easy Query Builder 2.1

    UPDATED ON:   November 4, 2012

    CATEGORY: Programming, Utilities


    Easy Query Builder (EQB) - is a free program which allows you to create database queries in a user-friendly way.

    Finding the necessary information from your database files requires the use of a powerful SQL query builder. Such a tool will allow you, for example, to quickly get important information such as the details on your most valuable customers. You can use a query builder to get the important information that you need quickly. To do this, you need to have the ability to build SQL queries to your database. Easy Query Builder is one of the better value and more user-friendly tools for doing exactly that. It provides you with the ultimate tool for extracting the necessary data from your database in minimal time with maximum reliability.

    To extract data from a database, there are various options, but none of them are nearly as effective or as easy as having a dedicated SQL query builder like Easy Query Builder. Other options include spending countless hours learning the SQL language in order to make a new query. Doing it manually in this way not only takes time, but you will also need all of the specialist knowledge at your disposal which does not come cheaply if you need to hire extra staff to do the job. There are also other SQL query builder solutions which provide a basic GUI or command-line interface, but many of these are still extremely hard to use and/or do not provide the range of features that your company requires.

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    Main Features:
    • Sql query builder with human language interface
    • Does all "dirty work" (table joins, column grouping,etc) behind the scene
    • Supports any kind of database


    Author :
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    Size: 1.47 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:November 4, 2012





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