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    DVDFab Passkey Lite

    UPDATED ON:   June 3, 2022

    CATEGORY: CD / DVD, Multimedia


    DVDFab Passkey Lite is a power DVD/Blu-ray decrypter which removes all copy protections.

    Passkey Lite, a free version of Passkey, is a simple combination of Passkey for DVD and Passkey for Blu-ray. It is not any more a versatile and powerful decryption tool with some DVD/Blu-ray protections out of its domain. However, you can still freely watch any DVD, and use other software to access unprotected DVD/Blu-ray content.

    • Remove part of DVD/Blu-ray protections
    • Work with other compatible software to access unprotected DVD/Blu-ray content
    • Freely watch any DVD with no region limit

    Passkey Lite is a free and a simple two-in-one version of Passkey for DVD and Passkey for Blu-ray, and supports part of the functions they have.
    It can still decrypt protected DVD and Blu-ray, but not for all of them. For example, it can' t remove AACS V12+, BD+, BDAV, and AVCREC for Blu-ray, so you are not allowed to watch movies with those protections. It doesn' t support CPRM for DVD, and PathPlayer is not enabled, so ARccOS, RipGuard, FluxDVD, and CORE X2 can' t be removed. As a result, you can' t copy those still protected DVDs , but you are able to freely watch them.
    What adds punch to Passkey Lite is it can work with all the software that Passkey for DVD and Passkey for Blu-ray works with. You are enabled to use these apps to play/copy/rip the unprotected DVD/Blu-ray discs.

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