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    Duplicate & Same Files Searcher 1.6.3

    UPDATED ON:   February 12, 2010

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Utilities

    Duplicate & Same Files Searcher (Duplicate Searcher) is an application for searching duplicate files (clones) and NTFS hard links to the same file. It searches duplicate file contents regardless of file name (true byte-to-byte comparison is used). This application allows not only to delete duplicate files or to move them to another location, but to replace duplicates with NTFS hard links as well (unique!).

    A NTFS hard link is the file system representation of a file by which more than one path can refer a single file in the same volume. NTFS hard links allow several files to share the same space on the disk (the same file). For example, several applications can use NTFS-links to the same version of the library instead using different copies of the library files. If several hard links point to the one file, deleting of any hard links doesn't cause deleting of the file and freeing disk space until the last hard link to the file will be deleted.

    • Fast search engine (byte-to-byte comparison and hard link detection algorithm are used)
    • Detailed visualisation of duplicate files, NTFS hard links and junction points (unique!).
    • Shows fragmentation of files (unique!).
    • Shows compressed NTFS files in color.
    • Manual and filtered selection files to delete, move or replace with NTFS hard links.
    • Allows to move and delete files.
    • Allows to replace files with NTFS hard links (unique!).
    • Allows to compress files on NTFS volumes.
    • Allows selecting disks and folders to scan.
    • More new features will come soon in next versions!


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    Size: 123.86 KB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista
    Last updated:February 12, 2010





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