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    UPDATED ON:   October 27, 2018

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Utilities


    CSearcher is a simple and fast free non-indexing search program.

    Searching computer files and folders is rather common for every PC user daily. Using standard Windows Explorer solution for this has many disavantages: it' s slow, uses lots of RAM and many times it does not find what we are looking for!
    CSearcher gives users a more advanced file searching tool alternative. CSearcher includes all features of Windows Explorer search and adds many unique features.

    • Integration with Explorer menu for seamless search of folders.
    • Exclude patterns.
    • Date and size options.
    • Find files that contain specific text.
    • Calculate MD5 and compare files.
    • Simple Hex Viewer of any file.
    • Search history.
    • Filtering:
      • Filter results. After finding all the results you want, you can dynamically filter results for faster finding of different items.
      • Filter possible duplicate file (same name and size), can be confirmed with md5.
    • Export selected results to XML, CSV or HTML file.


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    Last updated:October 27, 2018





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