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    Coollector Movie Database 4.18.7

    UPDATED ON:   January 10, 2022

    CATEGORY: Audio / Video, Home / Education, Multimedia


    Coollector Movie Database is a personal movie database and a video collection manager, at the same time.

    Track the movies you' ve seen & manage your video collection. Easy to use and completely free, Coollector is a huge encyclopedia of movies and series, combined with a database of existing videos. You track not only the videos you own, but also all the movies you' ve seen, good or bad. Contrary to other movie collection managers, you don' t start with some dull empty database. The whole encyclopedia is included with the program: you download - you have it all. You can rate the movies and persons. You easily maintain a wish list. You keep track of the videos you own, as well as those you' ve loaned. There' s price information, and tools to help you find the best bargains. You can search the database in all possible ways.

    For the movie lover
    • Browse our huge database of movies (and series) with advanced filters and search options.
    • Personalize it, with your possessions and taste.
    • Movies that you own have their title underlined.
    • Colored icons show if you liked or disliked a movie.
    • A quick glance at the actors or directors filmographies can help you decide what to watch on TV or in theaters, or can make you discover movies that you' d like to see and that you' ll add to your wishlist with a single click.

    For the video collector
    • Manage your collection of dvd, blu-ray, vhs, anything... Remember what you loaned, to whom, and when.
    • Use the price information to not miss a good bargain.
    • Print a list of all your videos (for insurance purposes).
    • New! Manage the videos stored on your computer' s disk.
    • Associate video files with their corresponding movies and launch them by clicking the “ play” icon.
    • The program can even scan a folder on your computer and make the associations automatically for you.

    Even if you don' t have a large collection of videos there are still many useful things that you can do.


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    Size: 188.25 MB
    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:January 10, 2022





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