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    Comodo SecureEmail 2.5

    UPDATED ON:   January 28, 2010

    CATEGORY: Internet, Security / Privacy, Utilities

    Why Use SecureEmail Email Security Software?

    Unencrypted, plain-text emails can easily be intercepted, read, and edited. In fact, sending an unencrypted email is a bit like sending a postcard written in pencil: whoever intercepts it can read it with ease. Until now, the process of encrypting email messages was lengthy, difficult, and cumbersome, even to the most tech-savvy PC user. Of course, security systems that, however necessary, are a chore to use will never be adopted on a large scale. That's why we created SecureEmail: it's total secure email without the hassle. Unlike conventional email security software, we make it easy.

    SecureEmail Features
    • Just install and forget! SecureEmail automatically encrypts all emails and manages the certificate exchange process
    • Install as a seamless Plug-in to Microsoft Outlook or in Network Level Mode for compatibility with most other mail clients
    • Innovative one-time 'session' certificates allow encrypting email without first exchanging signed mails
    • Built-in wizard allows quick download and installation of Comodo email certificates


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    Size: 6.55 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:January 28, 2010





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