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    CinemaDrape 1.2 Build

    UPDATED ON:   August 9, 2010

    CATEGORY: Audio / Video, Browsers

    CinemaDrape helps you focus on your current task on the screen (such as a video in a web page, a photo or a document editor area) by instantly blanking or dimming the other less important areas in a web page or in the background windows.

    With CinemaDrape you no longer have to manually clean up your working screen area, close windows, or watch lower resolution videos in full screen mode just to get rid of disturbing side elements or ads.

    • CinemaDrape is easy to start: just move your mouse over the area you want to focus on and press Ctrl+F12 (or your own favorite custom keyboard combination). This works in any Web browser or in any other program you are using.
    • To focus an entire window (such as your current, active window), just move your mouse over the title bar at the top of the window and press Ctrl+F12.
    • To focus the previously selected area from the last time the CinemaDrape was used, use the Ctrl+Alt+F12 keyboard shortcut anywhere in Windows.
    • CinemaDrape is easy to close: just press Esc or select Quit from the context menu.
    • You can easily move or resize the focus area using the mouse or arrow keys.
    • You can easily change the color or opacity of the drape that covers the less important screen areas.
    • You can easily save your favorite focus areas for future use.
    • CinemaDrape supports multi-monitor configurations.
    • CinemaDrape requires no memory when the drape is not active and no extra tray icon!


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    Size: 104.68 KB
    Supported OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7
    Requirements:.Net Framework 2.0 or higher
    Last updated:August 9, 2010






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