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    Chinchilla HTTP Web Server 1.1.0

    UPDATED ON:   November 21, 2009

    CATEGORY: Home / Education, Internet, Network, Office / Productivity

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    Chinchilla™ is a tiny HTTP "presentation" server for the Microsoft Windows OS. It requires basically no installation and does not mess with the Windows registry or other system settings. For beginners, Chinchilla™ is an ideal server to test small web sites locally. More advanced web programmers use it as a runtime for HTML applications and presentations, e.g. as a "quick and dirty" alter­native to Adobe AIR. Chinchilla™ requires no configuration - just dump all your files in the directory where the Chinchilla™ binary lives and they are served from there. Tiny footprint, easy to use:
    • footprint only 3.3 MB
    • no installation necessary
    • no configuration required
    • zero registry dust
    Versatile functionality:
    • execution of multiple instances
    • simulates network congestion
    • CGI via Perl 5.10 interpreter
    • OS common dialogs via AJAX
    • customizable browser window
    • to host (D)HTML applications
    Deploy for these scenarios:
    • "real" Windows apps from RIAs
    • CD / DVD autorun.inf apps
    • quick fancy product installers
    • WWW database local frontends
    • browser-based presentations,
    • documentations, help systems
    • entry-level local test server


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    Size: 2.99 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista
    Last updated:November 21, 2009






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