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    ChateX 1.17

    UPDATED ON:   March 18, 2011

    CATEGORY: Chat / Email

    ChateX is a client-server all in one chat program developed to operate quickly. This is the main program feature, it works fast under all conditions, it also features a fast file transfer which can be paused and resumed, transfer files up to 1000 GB, drag and drop files over a user name in the listbox and on the send textbox on private chat, admin controls and other features a chat program needs. ChateX also checks all data when it is received in the client or the server side and if it' s not right it will be ignored in the client side and in the server side the user where the data was received from will be automatically kicked. The program can be customized and is useful through Internet and LAN.

    Available commands for ChateX:
    • /clear (clears all chat)
    • /name + name (changes your current name)
    • /me + message
    • /say + message (displays a popup with the current messsage)
    • /topic + topic (changes the current topic)
    • /cpw + password (sets the client password for super admin access, normal admin access, or normal user access)
    • /saspw + password (sets the server password for super admin access)
    • /naspw + password (sets the server password for normal admin access)
    • /nuspw + password (sets the server password for normal user access)


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    Size: 492.52 KB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista
    Last updated:March 18, 2011






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