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    BuduLock 1.1.0

    UPDATED ON:   October 1, 2010

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Security / Privacy, Utilities

    BuduLock is a small tool for your personal data and computer security. BuduLock software can lock/unlock your computer folders and to enable/disable USB port for flash drive.

    BuduLock is a free software. No time limit. No limit on specific module. No registration is required. Download, install and you are ready to use BuduLock.

    Function 1: Folder Lock
    One of BuduLock functions is the ability to lock and unlock folders in your computer using a password. This feature will allow you to safeguard and protect sensitive and confidential information into a protected folder.

    You must use the same password to unlock the folder to regain access to files in the protected folder.

    You can also lock any folder in flash drive or external hard disc. If your drive is stolen, nobody can open it without your password.

    Once locked, you can see the folder turns like the screen below. If you view from Windows explorer, a lock icon will appear to indicate the folder has been protected.

    Notes for Folder Lock function:-
    Make sure you double click to Open the folder before you can lock/unlock the folder. The folder must be in open state before you can execute it.

    Function 2: USB Blocker for Flash Drive

    BuduLock software has also been equipped with the functionality to enable or disable flash drive to prevent any stolen data or virus spread from any unauthorised use of flash drive.

    When you disable the USB port for flash drive, any unauthorised user will not be able to use the flash drive in your computer. No data, including virus, can be transferred in or out of the computer. BuduLock software will disable the USB port for flash drive.

    Notes for USB Blocker function:-
    • 1. UAC setting (User Account Control) feature must be disabled to use this feature. (Go to Control Panel > User Account > Turn UAC On or Off)

    • 2. For first time use, there is no password (blank password). To setup and change your password, go to Change Password.


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    Supported OS:Windows Vista, 7
    Last updated:October 1, 2010





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