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    BootSafe 4.1

    UPDATED ON:  January 28, 2016

    CATEGORY: Utilities

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    Supported OS:All Windows
    Last updated:January 28, 2016
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    BootSafe is a no-hassle utility to restart Windows in the Safe Mode of your choice.

    Windows ‘Safe Modes’ are designed to start Windows with minimal functionality and no additional running software. This can be very useful in troubleshooting, repair, and malware removal scenarios.

    Simply run BootSafe and select the desired Safe Mode option. Next click the ‘Restart Windows’ button to apply the configuration and restart Windows (this will force the restart instantly, closing any open software; any data not saved will be lost!) Alternately you may apply the configuration only (allowing you to restart later at your convenience) by clicking the ‘Configure Only (No Restart)’ button.





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