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    Black NotePad

    UPDATED ON:   July 13, 2021

    CATEGORY: Program / Text Editors


    Black NotePad was is an alternative Notepad software to the Windows Notepad program.

    Black NotePad retains the original functions, improves manageability, contains important new functions, and greatly enhances program compatibility in terms of the edited text.

    Its main innovation is the rapid change of display based on predefined as well as user-definable and savable color and font profiles.

    As the program’s name suggests, the default display is black (white letters on a black background), as requested by Windows users. Users can select the setting appropriate to the specific circumstances any time.

    The program is free to download and use.

    • Efficient display functions: the look which provides the best legibility can always be selected
    • Open Latest: the last edited file can be loaded and edited any time
    • Conversion between lower case/upper case letters
    • Recognizes and highlights the Internet links (Url) in the text, and loads the appropriate site in the Internet browser
    • Info: Provides detailed information concerning the loaded and edited file
    • Saves new documents in a format which corresponds to the settings of the operating system. In case of an opened file, the details of the given file determine the save format
    • Displays the column number and line number of the cursor
    • Jumps to the line with the specified line number
    • Performs an Internet search for the selected text
    • Displays the name of the current file/document
    • Displays the last performed operation
    • Font size can be reduced/enlarged (Zoom)
    • Integrates into Windows Explorer, and can be set as default text editor

    Note: This software does not require installation.


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    Size: 726.37 KB
    Supported OS:Windows 7, 8, 10
    Last updated:July 13, 2021





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