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    Binfer 1.6

    UPDATED ON:   August 10, 2010

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Internet, Others, Utilities

    Send large Files and Private File Sharing

    Binfer is a private file sharing software to send large files such as HD video, pictures & documents directly from computer to computer, without uploading them anywhere. An easy, fast, practical & secure alternative to large email attachments, website uploads & FTP. Transfer at super fast speeds with auto resumes & encryption. Eliminate the cost and complexity of FTP clients and servers. Preserve the privacy and confidentiality of your files. Improve your productivity with the simplicity of email, power of FTP, and security of VPN. Key Features: - No limit on the size of a single file - Drag and drop hundreds of files - Interrupted transfers are automatically resumed - AES 128 bit encryption - No malware, spyware or advertisements - Keep track of what you have sent and to whom - View detailed transfer status - Customize with more than 20 skins - Chat Why Binfer? - Are your files too large for email attachments? - Looking for the fastest way to transfer big files to someone? - Want to send 100' s of files without having to zip or compress them? - Don' t have a FTP drop or looking for an alternative? - Frustrated with upload based solutions and concerned about privacy? - Need guaranteed file transfers with auto resumes, encryption and confirmations? How safe and secure is Binfer? Binfer is very safe and secure. - Connections are by invitation only. When you send files to someone for the first time, your contacts are required to accept your connection request. Only then the files can be exchanged. There is no way for unknown people to send you messages or files of any kind. - All transfers are encrypted. Binfer uses a 128bit AES encryption to transfer files. Secret keys are changed for each file transfer. - There is no searching of your hard disk. Many p2p file sharing applications allow searches on your shared directories/files. Binfer does not allow any searches. Only the message and files contained within it is accessible


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