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    Benubird PDF

    UPDATED ON:   August 9, 2010

    CATEGORY: File Managers, Home / Education, Office / Productivity

    Dealing with documents is challenging. It’s easy to misplace, duplicate and accidentally delete them. Benubird PDF helps you overcome this challenge by providing a powerful range of tools for managing and archiving documents. Store your documents in one central location and use a comprehensive set of filters and search technology to make sure your documents are never more than a few clicks away.

    Optimized for use with PDFs, images, and Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents, Benubird PDF takes personal document management to the highest level of efficiency.

    Features:Benubird PDF is a powerful and easy-to-use application for managing your important documents from one central location. An intuitive user interface combined with comprehensive filters, browsing and search technology mean that your documents are only ever a few simple clicks away.

    Key Features
    • * Easily add files: Import files in Benubird PDF with a single click! Files can also be added using Windows Explorer or via a simple drag-and-drop interface.
    • * PDF properties: Add, edit or remove properties from PDF files effortlessly. Edit the Title, Author, Subject and Keywords property fields of PDFs.
    • * Convert to PDF: Convert any file that can be printed to PDF from within Benubird PDF by right-clicking on it and selecting ' Convert to PDF' .
    • * Watched folders: Watched Folders: Benubird PDF can automatically import files from folders chosen by you on a timer. It can even add author, tags or other document metadata to files during the import process.
    • * Collections: Organize your documents into collections so that they will only ever be one click away. Each file can belong to multiple collections, so you won' t need to keep extra copies of your documents.
    • * Smart Collections: Dynamically generate collections of files based on rules such as "Author is Bill, Subject is Finance."
    • * Navigator: Find files quickly by filtering by categories such as Author, Subject or Category.
    • * Tags: Apply tags like "Urgent" or "Invoices" to files. The Tags Filter can then be used to locate them within a few clicks.
    • * Search: Search for files based on Title, Author or Tags or other key document metadata.
    • * Export: Export files to zip archives (password protection optional) and folders. Export the whole library, a collection or the current selection of files. You can also quickly attach files to email messages.
    • * Interface: Benubird PDF uses a new and more efficient type of user interface based on the Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface.


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    Size: 13.73 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:August 9, 2010






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