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    AutoPlay Media Studio Personal

    UPDATED ON:   August 2, 2011

    CATEGORY: Home / Education, Office / Productivity, Programming

    Are you looking for a fast, easy way to create software applications for the Microsoft Windows operating system? If so, AutoPlay Media Studio is just what the doctor ordered!

    AutoPlay Media Studio 8 delivers on the promise of rapid application development. What would normally take days or weeks to build using traditional software development tools (C, C++, Java, Visual Basic) can now be created in record time – by just about anyone. And not just simple little scripts and forms. We’re talking about full-featured interactive multimedia applications complete with web interaction, database connectivity, video playback and much more.

    Before we continue, it’s important that we make sure you’re reading the correct information. AutoPlay Media Studio 8 is available in two distinct editions. There’s the ‘Personal Edition’ and then there’s the ‘Professional Edition’.

    AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition is available FREE for personal, non-commercial use. We created it to help support ‘starving artists’ – students, midnight coders and open sourcers. It’s ideal if you want to create applications that are distributed as freeware, public domain or open-source. It’s also perfect for students and home users who want to learn professional programming techniques using an easy-to-learn RAD (rapid application development) software development system.


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    Size: 49.91 MB
    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:August 2, 2011





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