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    Auslogics System Information

    UPDATED ON:   November 4, 2011

    CATEGORY: Utilities

    Auslogics System Information provides comprehensive and easy to understand information about your system configuration.

    It will show hardware configuration, video card information, OS details, list of running processes, and other information. This information can be saved as a file and sent to technical support.


    Auslogics System Information
    The starting page provides your computer configuration summary. You can select one of the eighteen categories from the program menu in the left column to get the information you need. Alternatively, click on the "Save Report..." link to obtain a complete system information report in a single file. The report can be produced in HTML, XML or plain-text format - just choose the one that suits you best.

    Hardware Configuration
    In the Hardware section you can find detailed information about your computer' s major components, including CPU, motherboard, memory modules, video adapter and screen. For example, you can check the CPU frequency and its cache size, video card chipset name, video memory size, motherboard model, etc. You can even find the full list of instructions that your processor supports (a so-called "instruction set") and your hard drive S.M.A.R.T. status.

    Software Installed
    Select the Software section from the program menu to get comprehensive information about the operating system and third-party software that you have on your computer. For instance, you will be able to see installed Windows updates, drivers, startup programs, engines (such as DirectX, ODBC, Windows Installer, etc.) and lots of other useful information in this section. You can also find details about your network configuration and supported protocols here.

    System Performance
    With Auslogics System Information you can easily control your PC' s system resources usage. Just select the Performance category under the Advanced section of the program menu and you' ll see the CPU load, memory (RAM) consumption and page file usage graphs. You will also be able to get a quick snapshot of how many processes are running, how many windows are opened and how many startup entries you have.

    Device Manager
    The program has an integrated Device Manager represented in a convenient tree view. It will display all visible and hidden devices installed on your computer, ranging from disk drives and network adapters to sound, video and game controllers, keyboards, printers, and so on. You can select any device from the list to view its properties, including general information, driver version and its provider, service name and other details.


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    Supported OS:Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7
    Last updated:November 4, 2011





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