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    Advanced Win Service Manager 6.0

    UPDATED ON:   August 26, 2018

    CATEGORY: Security / Privacy, Utilities


    Advanced Win Service Manager is the specialized software for smarter analysis of Windows Services.

    Advanced Win Service Manager offers many powerful and unique features which sets it apart from built-in Service Management Console as well as other similar softwares.

    Some of the classic features include Detection of Malicious/Rootkit Services, Automatic Threat Analysis, Service Filter mechanism, Integrated Online Virus/Malware Scan, Color based Threat Representation, HTML/XML based Service Report etc. s

    Services normally run with ' Local System' privilege thus enabling them to execute higher privilege operations which otherwise cannot be performed by normal processes. Due to these advantages, often malwares run as Services to monitor and control the target system.

    ' Advanced Win Service Manager' can help you to detect those Malicious services easily from hundreds of running services. You can then use integrated ' Online Scan' to further verify it through one of online services such as VirusTotal, ProcessLibrary, Google etc.

    It is fully Portable version and comes with Installer also to help in local installation/un-installation.It works on all Windows system starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.

    • Smarter Detection of Hidden Malicious/Rootkit Services: Uses heuristic analysis along with other anti-rootkit techniques such as Bypass Hook method.
    • Sophisticated Auto Analysis: Scanned services are automatically analyzed and classified based on various threat levels.
    • Online Malicious Service Scan: Supports integrated ' Online Scan' service using VirusTotal, ProcessLibrary and Google to verify malicious nature of services.
    • Service Filter Mechanism: Includes built-in Filters to display only Running, Third Party or core System services etc.
    • Color based Threat Representation: Displays services as Dangerous, Suspicious, Normal using Color schemes making it easier for further analysis.
    • Sort Feature: Quickly arrange the services based on service name, threat level, status, company name.
    • Right Click Context Menu: For quick actions such as Start/Stop service, Online Scan, View properties etc.
    • Advanced Report: Detailed report generation in HTML/XML format.
    • Fully Portable: Run it easily on any system without installation.


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    Size: 3.88 MB
    Supported OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    Last updated:August 26, 2018





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